The Top 10 Best Moonlighting Jobs for Artists

In this blog post, we’ll explore ten moonlighting job ideas that allow artists to showcase their creativity and earn extra income on the side.

As an artist, it can be tough to make ends meet solely from your creative endeavors. That’s where moonlighting jobs come in! These part-time gigs can provide the financial stability you need while still allowing you to pursue your passion for art.

But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth your time and energy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best moonlighting jobs for artists.

From selling your artwork online to teaching classes on the side, these ideas will help you bring in some extra cash without sacrificing your artistic pursuits. So let’s dive in and explore how you can turn your creativity into a profitable side hustle!

Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is freelance graphic designing. If you have a knack for creating visually appealing designs and are proficient in using design software, then this could be an excellent option for you.

As a freelance graphic designer, you can work on various projects such as creating logos, brochures, flyers or even website designs.

The beauty of freelancing is that it allows you to work from anywhere at any time that suits your schedule. You can take up projects based on your availability and workload capacity without having to commit to full-time employment.

Moreover, with the rise of online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork where clients post their requirements and hire freelancers based on their skills sets; finding new clients has become easier than ever before. So if you’re looking for a flexible side hustle that lets your creativity shine through while earning some extra cash – consider becoming a freelance graphic designer!

Art Tutoring

Art Tutoring

If you have a passion for teaching and sharing your artistic skills, then art tutoring can be an excellent moonlighting job for you. You can offer private lessons to individuals or small groups in your community or even online through platforms like Skype or Zoom.

Art tutoring is not limited to just painting and drawing; it could also include sculpture, pottery, printmaking, graphic design, and more.

As an art tutor, you get the opportunity to work with students of all ages and skill levels while helping them develop their creativity. It’s a fulfilling experience that allows you to share your knowledge while earning some extra income on the side.

To start as an art tutor requires minimal investment since most of the materials are already available at home if one has been practicing arts before. However one needs good communication skills along with patience as every student learns differently so it’s important that they understand what is being taught properly without getting frustrated easily.

Overall Art Tutoring is a great way for artists who enjoy teaching others how to create beautiful works of art while making some extra money on the side!

Etsy Shop Owner

E-commerce Entrepreneurship

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is becoming an Etsy shop owner. Etsy is a popular online marketplace where people can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, as well as craft supplies.

As an artist, you can create your own unique products such as paintings, jewelry, pottery or prints and sell them on this platform.

The great thing about being an Etsy shop owner is that it allows you to showcase your creativity while also making some extra income on the side. You have complete control over what you want to sell and how much you want to charge for each item.

To be successful in this venture requires some effort in creating high-quality products that stand out from other sellers’ offerings. It’s important to take good photos of your work so potential customers can see exactly what they’re buying before making a purchase.

Starting an Etsy shop could be a perfect fit if you are looking for flexible hours with low overhead costs while still pursuing your passion for art-making!

Social Media Manager for Artists

Social Media Manager

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is working as a social media manager. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any artist looking to gain exposure and connect with potential clients or fans.

As a social media manager, you would be responsible for creating and curating content that showcases an artist’s work in the best possible light across various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This job requires creativity and knowledge of how to use different social media tools effectively. You will need to have excellent communication skills so that you can interact with followers on behalf of your client while maintaining their brand voice.

As an artist yourself, this job could be particularly rewarding since it allows you to stay connected with the art world while also earning some extra income on the side. Plus, by helping other artists grow their following online through your expertise in managing social media accounts can help build up your own personal brand too!

Wedding Photographer

photographer for weddings

One of the most popular moonlighting jobs for artists is wedding photography. If you have a passion for capturing beautiful moments and love working with people, this could be the perfect gig for you.

As a wedding photographer, your job will be to capture all of the special moments from engagement photos to bridal portraits and everything in between. You’ll need to have an eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and top-notch equipment to ensure that every shot is picture-perfect.

Wedding photography can also provide great opportunities for networking as well as building your portfolio. With each new client comes new connections that can lead to future business opportunities or referrals down the line.

While it may seem like an easy way to make some extra cash on weekends or evenings, keep in mind that being a successful wedding photographer requires hard work and dedication. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can be one of the most rewarding moonlighting jobs out there!

Event Planner and Decorator

event planner manager

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is event planning and decorating. As an artist, you have a natural eye for design and creativity that can be applied to creating beautiful events.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or birthday party, there is always a need for someone who can bring unique ideas to the table.

As an event planner and decorator, you will work closely with clients to understand their vision and create a plan that brings it to life. This may involve selecting decor items such as centerpieces or lighting fixtures that fit within their budget while still achieving the desired aesthetic.

You’ll also need excellent organizational skills as you coordinate vendors such as caterers or musicians in addition to managing timelines leading up to the big day. The ability to problem-solve quickly when unexpected issues arise is also crucial in this role.

If you’re looking for a way to use your artistic talents outside of your regular job while earning extra income on weekends or evenings – becoming an event planner/decorator could be just what you’re looking for!

Book Illustrator

artist doing book illustration

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is book illustration. If you have a talent for drawing and storytelling, this job can be perfect for you.

Book illustrators are responsible for creating visual representations of the story or text in books, magazines, and other publications.

As a book illustrator, your job will involve working closely with authors and publishers to bring their stories to life through illustrations that capture the essence of their work. You’ll need to have excellent communication skills as well as an eye for detail when it comes to interpreting written descriptions into visual art.

The demand for skilled book illustrators is high in today’s market due to the increasing popularity of self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which allows independent authors from all over the world publish their works online without going through traditional publishing houses.

If you’re interested in pursuing this career path but don’t know where or how to start building your portfolio then consider taking courses on digital painting software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator which are widely used by professional illustrators worldwide.

Art Restoration Specialist

Art Restoration Specialist

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is working as an art restoration specialist. This job involves repairing and restoring damaged or deteriorating artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and artifacts.

As an artist yourself, you likely have a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for preserving the beauty of historical pieces.

Art restoration specialists typically work in museums or galleries but can also be hired by private collectors. The job requires knowledge of various techniques to repair damage caused by age, environmental factors like humidity or light exposure, vandalism or accidents.

Not only does this job allow you to use your artistic skills in a unique way but it also provides opportunities to learn about different styles and periods of art history while contributing towards its preservation. Additionally it can be very rewarding knowing that your work has helped preserve important cultural heritage pieces so they may continue being enjoyed by future generations!

Commission-Based Artist

Graphic Designer working on branding

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is working as a commission-based artist. This type of job allows you to use your artistic skills to create custom pieces for clients who are willing to pay for your services.

As a commission-based artist, you can work on various projects such as creating portraits, illustrations, or even designing logos and graphics.

The great thing about this job is that it offers flexibility in terms of time and workload. You can take on as many commissions as you want depending on your availability and schedule.

Plus, since each project is unique and tailored specifically to the client’s needs, it provides an opportunity for creative expression while also earning money.

To get started with this type of work, consider building up a portfolio showcasing some examples of previous commissioned works or creating samples that demonstrate different styles or mediums available in order to attract potential clients. Social media platforms like Instagram are also great places where artists can showcase their work online which could lead them towards getting more commissions from interested parties looking at their profiles!

Gallery Receptionist

art Gallery Receptionist

One of the best moonlighting jobs for artists is working as a gallery receptionist. This job allows you to be surrounded by art and connect with other artists while earning some extra income.

As a gallery receptionist, your responsibilities may include greeting visitors, answering questions about the artwork on display, processing sales transactions, and assisting with events or exhibitions. This job can also provide valuable networking opportunities within the art community and potentially lead to future collaborations or exhibition opportunities for your own artwork.

Being exposed to different styles of art can inspire new ideas and techniques in your own artistic practice.

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