Top 10 Best Moonlighting Jobs for Electricians

Discover lucrative moonlighting jobs for electricians to boost their income and expand their skillset.

As an electrician, you have a unique set of skills that can be applied to a variety of moonlighting jobs. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or explore new opportunities, there are plenty of options out there for electricians who want to work outside the traditional 9-to-5.

From freelance gigs to part-time positions, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best moonlighting jobs for electricians. So if you’re ready to put your skills to work and earn some extra cash on the side, read on!

Home Automation Specialist

home automation install

As a home automation specialist, electricians can take advantage of the growing demand for smart homes. With more and more homeowners looking to automate their homes, there is an increasing need for professionals who can install and maintain these systems.

As a moonlighting job, becoming a home automation specialist allows electricians to work on projects that are both interesting and lucrative.

Home automation specialists typically work with products such as smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras and door locks. They may also be responsible for integrating different devices into one cohesive system that can be controlled through a single app or interface.

To become a home automation specialist as an electrician requires some additional training in the field of electronics or computer programming. However, once you have acquired the necessary skills it is possible to earn good money working on high-end residential projects where clients are willing to pay top dollar for quality service.

Solar Panel Installer

Solar Panel Install

One of the most popular moonlighting jobs for electricians is becoming a solar panel installer. With the increasing demand for renewable energy sources, more and more homeowners are turning to solar power as an alternative to traditional electricity.

As a result, there has been a surge in demand for skilled professionals who can install and maintain these systems.

As an electrician with experience in wiring and electrical systems, you already have many of the skills needed to become a successful solar panel installer. You will need additional training on how to properly install panels on roofs or other structures, but this can be easily obtained through certification programs offered by manufacturers or industry organizations.

Not only does installing solar panels provide an opportunity for extra income as a moonlighting job, but it also allows you to contribute positively towards environmental sustainability efforts while helping homeowners save money on their energy bills over time.

Electrical Inspector

Electrical Repair home

One of the best moonlighting jobs for electricians is working as an electrical inspector. As an inspector, you will be responsible for ensuring that all electrical systems and equipment meet safety standards and comply with local codes.

This job requires a keen eye for detail, strong communication skills, and extensive knowledge of electrical systems.

As an electrician-turned-inspector, you can use your expertise to help ensure that buildings are safe from potential hazards such as faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. You may also be called upon to inspect new construction projects or renovations to existing structures.

Working as an electrical inspector can provide a steady stream of income in addition to your regular work schedule. It’s also a great way to expand your skill set while helping others stay safe in their homes and workplaces.

Generator Repair Technician

Generator Repair Technician

One of the best moonlighting jobs for electricians is working as a generator repair technician. With power outages becoming more frequent due to extreme weather conditions, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can fix generators quickly and efficiently.

As an electrician, you already have the necessary skills to diagnose and repair electrical issues in generators.

Working as a generator repair technician allows you to work flexible hours while earning extra income on the side. You can offer your services during emergencies or schedule regular maintenance appointments with clients who want their generators checked before storm season hits.

To get started in this field, consider taking courses or certifications specific to generator repairs. This will help you stand out from other electricians and increase your credibility with potential clients.

Networking with local businesses that sell or rent out generators could lead to new job opportunities and referrals from satisfied customers.

Working as a generator repair technician is a great way for electricians looking for moonlighting jobs to use their existing skills while providing valuable services during times of need.

Electrician for Film & TV Production Sets

Electrician for Film sets

One of the most exciting moonlighting jobs for electricians is working on film and TV production sets. As an electrician, you can play a crucial role in ensuring that the lighting and electrical equipment are set up correctly to create the perfect ambiance for each scene.

You’ll work closely with directors, producers, cinematographers, and other crew members to bring their vision to life.

Working on film or TV sets requires excellent communication skills as well as technical expertise. You must be able to understand complex lighting setups and have experience with different types of electrical equipment such as generators, cables, dimmers etc.

The job also demands flexibility since shooting schedules can change at any moment due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. However if you love being part of a creative team environment where no two days are ever alike then this could be your dream moonlighting job!

Freelance Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

One of the most exciting moonlighting jobs for electricians is freelance lighting design. As an electrician, you already have a solid understanding of how to work with electrical systems and wiring.

This knowledge can be applied to creating stunning lighting designs that enhance the ambiance and functionality of any space.

As a freelance lighting designer, you’ll work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences before designing custom solutions that meet their unique requirements. You may be tasked with designing everything from simple accent lighting in residential spaces to complex theatrical or concert stage setups.

This job requires creativity, attention-to-detail, strong communication skills, and technical expertise in both electrical systems and design software such as AutoCAD or SketchUp. However, it also offers great flexibility since much of the work can be done remotely on your own schedule.

If you’re looking for a way to use your electrical skills while exploring your creative side as well as earning extra income on top of your day job salary then freelancing as a Lighting Designer could just be perfect for you!

Event Electrician

Event Electrician

One of the most exciting moonlighting jobs for electricians is working as an event electrician. This job involves setting up and maintaining electrical systems at events such as concerts, festivals, and conferences.

As an event electrician, you will be responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment is functioning properly and safely throughout the duration of the event.

This job requires a high level of technical expertise in order to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during an event. You must also have excellent communication skills to work effectively with other members of the production team.

Event electricians are often hired on a freelance basis by production companies or directly by venues hosting events. The pay can vary depending on factors such as experience level and location but can be quite lucrative if you establish yourself in this field.

Working as an event electrician offers a unique opportunity to combine your technical skills with your love for live entertainment while earning extra income outside regular business hours!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installer

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Install

One of the most promising moonlighting jobs for electricians is installing electric vehicle charging stations. With the increasing popularity of EVs, more and more people are looking to install charging stations in their homes or businesses.

As an experienced electrician, you can offer your services to help them with this task.

Installing a charging station requires knowledge about electrical wiring and safety regulations. You will need to assess the location where the charger will be installed, determine what type of charger is needed based on its power output and compatibility with different types of vehicles, run conduit from an electrical panel or subpanel to where it needs to be installed while ensuring that all wires are properly grounded.

This job not only pays well but also allows you as an electrician  to contribute towards a sustainable future by promoting clean energy transportation options for individuals who own Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Signage and Billboard Lighting Maintenance Expert

Billboard Lighting Maintenance

As an electrician, you have a unique set of skills that can be applied to various moonlighting jobs. One such job is becoming a signage and billboard lighting maintenance expert.

This job involves ensuring that the lights on billboards and signs are functioning properly, replacing bulbs when necessary, and troubleshooting any electrical issues.

To excel in this role, you need to have knowledge of different types of lighting fixtures used for signage and billboards. You should also be able to work at heights comfortably as most signs are installed high up on buildings or poles.

This moonlighting job can provide steady income throughout the year as businesses rely heavily on their outdoor advertising displays for visibility. It offers flexibility in terms of scheduling since most repairs can be done outside regular business hours.

If you enjoy working with your hands while solving complex electrical problems then becoming a signage and billboard lighting maintenance expert could be an excellent option for your next side hustle!

Security System Installation Technician

cctv installation

One of the best moonlighting jobs for electricians is working as a security system installation technician. With the increasing demand for home and business security systems, this job can provide a steady stream of income.

As an electrician, you already have experience with wiring and electrical systems which makes it easier to install these types of systems.

As a security system installation technician, your responsibilities may include installing cameras, motion sensors, alarms and other components that make up a complete security system. You will also need to troubleshoot any issues that arise during or after installation.

This job requires attention to detail as well as excellent communication skills since you will be interacting with customers regularly. Having knowledge about different types of alarm systems available in the market can help you recommend suitable options based on customer needs.

Overall working as a Security System Installation Technician is an excellent way for electricians looking to earn extra money while utilizing their existing skill set in new ways!

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