The Top 10 Best Moonlighting Jobs for Older People

Discover the top 10 moonlighting jobs perfect for older individuals looking to boost their income and stay active in retirement.

As we age, our financial needs and priorities change. While retirement may be on the horizon, many older adults still want to work and earn extra income.

Moonlighting jobs can be a great option for those looking to supplement their retirement savings or simply stay active in the workforce. But what exactly are moonlighting jobs? They’re part-time or freelance positions that allow you to work outside of your regular job hours.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 of the best moonlighting jobs for older people – from pet-sitting to teaching English online – so you can find the perfect side hustle to fit your lifestyle and interests. So let’s dive in!

Freelance Writing

writer using laptop

Freelance writing is a great moonlighting job for older people who have a passion for writing and want to earn some extra income. With the rise of online content, there are plenty of opportunities available for freelance writers.

You can write articles, blog posts, product descriptions or even eBooks on various topics depending on your expertise and interests.

One advantage of freelance writing is that you can work from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it ideal if you’re looking to supplement your retirement income or simply want to keep busy while pursuing other interests.

To get started with freelance writing, create a portfolio showcasing your best work and start pitching yourself to potential clients through freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. As you build up your reputation and client base, you may find that this becomes more than just a moonlighting gig – it could turn into a full-time career!

Online Tutoring

older tutor

With the rise of technology, online tutoring has become a popular option for both students and tutors. As an older person with years of experience in a particular field, you can offer your expertise to students who need help with their studies.

Online tutoring allows you to work from home and set your own schedule, making it an ideal moonlighting job for those looking for flexibility.

There are various platforms available where you can sign up as an online tutor such as Chegg Tutors or TutorMe. You can also create your own website or advertise on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to attract potential clients.

One advantage of online tutoring is that it eliminates geographical barriers since sessions take place over video calls. This means that you could potentially have clients from all over the world! many parents prefer online tutoring because they feel more comfortable having their child learn in the safety and comfort of their own home.

If teaching is something that brings joy to your life then consider becoming an online tutor as a way to earn extra income while sharing knowledge with others.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

dog walker

If you love animals, pet sitting or dog walking can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Many older people have the time and experience necessary to provide excellent care for pets while their owners are away.

You can offer your services through websites like Rover or, which connect pet owners with local caregivers. Alternatively, you could advertise your services in local newspapers or on community bulletin boards.

One of the benefits of this type of moonlighting job is that it allows you to set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. Plus, spending time with furry friends has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being – so not only will you be earning money but also enjoying yourself!

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a great moonlighting job for older people who are tech-savvy and enjoy spending time on social media platforms. As businesses continue to expand their online presence, they need someone to manage their social media accounts and engage with customers.

Social Media Managers create content, schedule posts, respond to comments and messages, analyze data analytics reports among other tasks.

This job requires excellent communication skills as well as creativity in order to produce engaging content that will attract more followers. It also requires knowledge of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The best part about this moonlighting job is that it can be done from anywhere at any time since most of the work is done remotely. It offers flexible hours which makes it perfect for older people who may have other commitments during the day but still want an extra source of income without sacrificing too much free time or energy.

Consulting/Coaching Services

senior consultant

If you have years of experience in a particular field, consulting or coaching services can be an excellent moonlighting job for older people. Many businesses and individuals are willing to pay top dollar for expert advice and guidance.

You can offer your services as a consultant or coach in areas such as business strategy, marketing, finance, career development, personal growth and more.

To get started with consulting/coaching services moonlighting job:

  1. Identify your area of expertise
  2. Create a website showcasing your skills and experience
  3. Network with potential clients through social media platforms like LinkedIn
  4. Offer free consultations to build trust with potential clients
  5. Set competitive rates based on industry standards

With the right approach and dedication towards building relationships with clients over time – this could become one of the most lucrative side hustles that you’ve ever had!

Virtual Assistant

senior virtual assistant

One of the best moonlighting jobs for older people is working as a virtual assistant. As more and more businesses are moving online, there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants who can help with administrative tasks such as email management, scheduling appointments, data entry and social media management.

Working as a virtual assistant offers flexibility in terms of hours worked and location since most tasks can be completed remotely from home or anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it ideal for older individuals who may prefer to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Being a virtual assistant allows you to use your existing skills while also learning new ones such as digital marketing or project management which could lead to other opportunities down the line.

Becoming a virtual assistant provides great earning potential while offering flexibility that many retirees desire in their post-career life.

Tech Support Specialist

senior Tech Support

One of the best moonlighting jobs for older people is working as a tech support specialist. With the increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for individuals who can provide technical assistance to those who are less tech-savvy.

As an older person with years of experience using various technologies, you may be well-suited to this role.

Tech support specialists typically work remotely and can set their own hours, making it an ideal job for those looking to supplement their income without committing to a full-time schedule. You’ll need strong problem-solving skills and patience when dealing with customers who may be frustrated or confused by technology issues.

To get started in this field, consider taking online courses or certifications that will help you develop your technical skills and knowledge. You can also reach out to local businesses or individuals offering your services as a freelance tech support specialist.

With dedication and hard work, you could build up a steady stream of clients while enjoying the flexibility that comes with moonlighting as a tech support specialist.


senior Transcriptionist

One of the best moonlighting jobs for older people is transcriptionist. This job involves listening to audio recordings and typing out what you hear into a document.

It’s perfect for those who have excellent typing skills and attention to detail, as accuracy is key in this role. Transcriptionists can work from home on their own schedule, making it an ideal option for retirees or those looking to supplement their income without committing to a full-time job.

Plus, with the rise of podcasts and online videos, there’s no shortage of content that needs transcribing!

Event Planner/Caterer

senior event planner

As an older person, you may have a wealth of experience in planning events and hosting gatherings. Moonlighting as an event planner or caterer can be a great way to put those skills to use and earn some extra income.

Whether it’s organizing corporate events, weddings, or birthday parties, there is always demand for someone who can take care of the details and make sure everything runs smoothly.

One advantage of this moonlighting job is that you can choose how much work you want to take on based on your availability. You could start small by catering for friends’ parties or offering your services at local community events before branching out into larger gigs.

To succeed in this field, it’s important to have excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. You’ll need good communication skills too since working with clients requires clear communication about their expectations and preferences.

If you enjoy creating memorable experiences for others while earning some extra cash along the way then becoming an event planner/caterer might just be the perfect moonlighting job for you!

Handmade Crafts/Etsy Store

senior handmade crafts

For those who have a creative side, handmade crafts and an Etsy store can be a great moonlighting job. With platforms like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to sell your handmade items online.

Whether you’re skilled in knitting, crocheting, painting or any other crafty hobby – there is likely someone out there who would love to buy your creations.

Starting an Etsy store requires some initial investment in materials and time spent creating the products but once you’ve built up inventory and established yourself on the platform – it can become a steady source of income. Plus, many older people find crafting to be therapeutic and enjoyable so this type of work doesn’t feel like “work” at all!

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