The Top 7 Best Moonlighting Jobs for Physicians

Moonlighting jobs for physicians typically include locum tenens, telemedicine, medical writing, tutoring, and direct primary care.

Moonlighting is an excellent way for physicians to supplement their incomes and gain additional experience in various medical settings. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time opportunities, plenty of options are available for physicians who want to take on extra work.

From locum tenens assignments to working as an independent contractor, here are some of the best moonlighting jobs for physicians.


Telemedicine Physician

It involves using technology, such as video conferencing and electronic health records, to connect patients with their doctors. This type of job enables physicians to offer care from any location, allowing them to work outside of traditional office hours or even while traveling.

Physicians can also use telemedicine to consult with other healthcare professionals in different locations and collaborate on patient care plans. Telemedicine has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness for patients and providers.

Medical Writing

Freelance Medical Writing

This could include writing articles, blog posts, research papers, or other documents. Medical writers must have an in-depth knowledge of medicine and be able to communicate complex topics clearly and concisely.

They must also be familiar with medical terminology and have excellent research skills. Medical writers are often hired by pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, or medical journals to create accurate and up-to-date content with the latest developments in the field.

The pay for this type of work can vary depending on experience level and the project’s complexity, but it can be pretty lucrative for qualified people.

Pharmaceutical Consulting

Pharmaceutical Consulting

This type of consulting typically involves helping the company develop new products, evaluate existing products, or provide expert opinions on medical topics related to their products. Physicians may also be asked to review clinical trial data or provide input on marketing strategies.

Pharmaceutical consultants are often paid hourly for their services and can work remotely from home or in person at the company’s offices. Consulting in this field requires knowledge of both medicine and business, as well as excellent communication skills.

Clinical Research

Clinical Research

It typically involves working with patients in clinical trials to collect data on their health outcomes. Physicians may also be involved in designing protocols for the study, analyzing data from the trial, and writing reports about the results.

Clinical research can allow physicians to stay up-to-date on advances in medicine while earning extra income outside of their regular practice.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Healthcare IT Consulting

This includes helping organizations develop strategies to improve their use of information technology, such as electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, and other digital tools. Healthcare IT consultants help organizations understand how to utilize these technologies best to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

They also guide selecting the right software solutions for specific needs and ensuring they are correctly implemented. They may train staff members on using new systems or troubleshoot existing ones when problems arise.

Locum Tenens Physician Work

Locum Tenens Physician

It involves working as a temporary doctor in another practice or hospital, usually as needed. This work allows physicians to gain experience in different medical settings and supplement their income without committing to a full-time position.

Locum tenens doctors are typically paid hourly or daily rates, depending on the assignment and the employer’s preferences. They may also receive additional benefits such as travel expenses, malpractice insurance coverage, and other perks.

Working locum tenens can benefit both the physician and the employer; it provides flexibility for both parties while allowing physicians to gain valuable experience in different medical settings.

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical Billing and Coding Services

This work involves using specialized software to process medical claims, assign codes to diagnoses and procedures, and ensure that insurance companies pay the correct amount for medical services.

To code each claim accurately, medical billers and coders must thoroughly understand medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, reimbursement policies, and other related topics.

They also need to be able to communicate effectively with patients and insurance companies to resolve any discrepancies or disputes that may arise.

With the proper training and experience, physicians can make good money working part-time as medical billers or coders while maintaining their primary practice.