How to Approach Your Employer About Taking On a Moonlighting Job

Explain why you feel taking on moonlighting job benefits both yourself and the company, and provide any necessary evidence or information that could help support your case.

Be sure to emphasize how it will not interfere with your current work duties and offer solutions for managing both jobs without compromising.

You may be worried about how your employer will react to you taking on extra work outside your regular job or if they will even allow it in the first place. You can take some steps to ensure that your employer is comfortable with the idea and that both parties are happy with the arrangement.

This blog post will discuss how to approach your employer about taking on a moonlighting job and what considerations should be considered.

You should be professional and straightforward when approaching the employer about taking on a moonlighting job. You should explain the benefits of taking on the additional role, such as increased experience and financial gain, and how it will not interfere with your current job performance.

You should also ask for their feedback and advice to ensure that the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

Be Upfront About the Moonlighting Job

employer agreement

Moonlighting can provide extra income and help individuals gain new skills and experience. It is essential to discuss any moonlighting jobs with your employer before taking them on, as some employers may have policies against them or require approval first.


The conversation needs to take place between an employee and their employer when discussing a moonlighting job. This discussion should include details such as the type of work, hours, pay rate, and any potential conflicts with existing employment.

Both parties need to be clear on expectations to ensure a successful arrangement. The employee should also be prepared to answer questions from their employer about why they are interested in taking on additional work and how it will benefit them both professionally and financially.


Negotiation is discussing and agreeing on a particular issue. When discussing a moonlighting job with your employer, negotiation involves both parties expressing their needs and expectations to reach an understanding that works for everyone.

This could include topics such as hours, pay rate, duties, and any other relevant details. It’s essential to be open-minded during the negotiation process to develop a mutually beneficial solution.

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