The Top 10 Best Moonlighting Jobs for History Majors

Discover top 10 moonlighting jobs for history majors that can boost your income and utilize your knowledge in exciting ways.

As a history major, you may have heard the age-old question: “what are you going to do with that degree?” While pursuing a career in academia or research is one option, there are also plenty of moonlighting jobs out there for those with a passion for history. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or gain experience in a new field, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best moonlighting jobs for history majors.

From freelance writing to museum work, these opportunities will allow you to put your knowledge and skills to use while pursuing your passions outside of the classroom. So grab your quill pen and parchment paper (or laptop and coffee), and let’s explore some exciting options together!

Museum Tour Guide

Museum Tour Guide

One of the best moonlighting jobs for history majors is working as a museum tour guide. As a tour guide, you get to share your passion for history with visitors while also learning more about the exhibits and artifacts on display.

This job requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and an ability to engage people from all walks of life.

As a museum tour guide, you will be responsible for leading groups through various galleries or exhibitions while providing interesting facts and stories about each piece on display. You may also need to answer questions from visitors or provide additional information upon request.

This job can be particularly rewarding if you are interested in specific historical periods or events as it allows you to delve deeper into those topics while sharing your knowledge with others. Many museums offer flexible schedules that can accommodate moonlighting work around other commitments such as school or full-time employment.

Working as a museum tour guide is an excellent way for history majors to gain valuable experience in their field while earning extra income outside of traditional academic pursuits.

Historical Reenactor

Historical Reenactor

One of the most exciting moonlighting jobs for history majors is becoming a historical reenactor. As a historical reenactor, you get to bring history to life by dressing up in period costumes and acting out scenes from different eras.

This job requires extensive knowledge of specific time periods and events, as well as excellent communication skills and an ability to improvise when necessary.

Historical reenactors can work at museums, theme parks or even private events such as weddings or corporate parties. They may also participate in battle recreations or living history exhibits where they demonstrate daily life activities from past times.

Not only is this job fun and engaging for those who love history but it can also be financially rewarding with some companies paying up to $500 per event depending on experience level. Being a historical reenactor allows you not only share your passion for the past but also earn money while doing so!

Archivist Assistant

Archivist Assistant

If you’re a history major looking for a moonlighting job that allows you to work with historical documents and artifacts, consider becoming an archivist assistant. Archivists are responsible for collecting, organizing, and preserving historical records and materials.

As an archivist assistant, your duties may include helping to sort through collections of documents or photographs, cataloging items in databases or spreadsheets, assisting researchers who come to study the archives’ holdings.

This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing careers as historians or museum curators because it provides hands-on experience working with primary sources. Many archives offer flexible schedules that can accommodate students’ busy academic schedules while still providing valuable work experience.

Researcher for Documentaries or Movies

history researcher

As a history major, you have an in-depth knowledge of historical events and figures. You can use this expertise to work as a researcher for documentaries or movies.

This job involves conducting extensive research on the subject matter of the documentary or movie and providing accurate information to the producers.

Your role as a researcher will be crucial in ensuring that the final product is historically accurate and engaging for viewers. You may need to dig through archives, interview experts, read books, watch films or visit historical sites to gather relevant information.

This job requires excellent analytical skills, attention to detail and strong communication skills. It also offers flexibility since most research can be done remotely from your computer.

If you are passionate about history and enjoy uncovering new facts about past events then working as a researcher for documentaries or movies could be an ideal moonlighting job for you!

Freelance Writer/blogger On History Topics

writer using laptop

As a history major, you have the advantage of being able to write about historical events and figures with ease. Freelance writing or blogging on history topics can be an excellent moonlighting job for you.

You can pitch your ideas to various publications that focus on history, such as magazines, newspapers, and online platforms.

You could also start your own blog where you share interesting stories from the past or provide insights into current events through a historical lens. With social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram gaining popularity among historians in recent years, there are plenty of opportunities for freelance writers/blogger to build their brand by sharing their work with larger audiences.

Freelance writing/blogging is not only an excellent way to earn extra income but also allows you to hone your research skills while exploring new areas of interest within the field of history. So if you’re passionate about storytelling and want to share fascinating tales from our collective pasts with others – this might just be the perfect moonlighting job for you!

Historic Site Interpreter

Tour Guide

One of the best moonlighting jobs for history majors is working as a historic site interpreter. As an interpreter, you will be responsible for educating visitors about the historical significance of a particular site or landmark.

This job requires excellent communication skills and a passion for history.

As an interpreter, you may work at museums, national parks, or other historical sites. You will need to research and learn about the specific location’s history in order to provide accurate information to visitors.

You may be required to dress in period clothing and perform demonstrations that showcase what life was like during that time period.

Working as a historic site interpreter can be both rewarding and educational. Not only do you get paid while sharing your love of history with others but also gain valuable experience in public speaking which can help boost your resume if looking into pursuing careers such as teaching or museum curation later on down the line!

Heritage Tourism Consultant

technology consultant

One of the most exciting moonlighting jobs for history majors is working as a heritage tourism consultant. As a consultant, you will be responsible for advising businesses and organizations on how to promote historical sites and landmarks in their area.

This could include creating guided tours, developing marketing strategies, or even designing exhibits.

To excel in this role, you’ll need to have excellent research skills and an extensive knowledge of local history. You should also be able to communicate effectively with clients and have strong project management abilities.

Working as a heritage tourism consultant can provide you with the opportunity to share your passion for history while earning extra income on the side. Plus, it’s an incredibly rewarding job that allows you to make a positive impact on your community by preserving its rich cultural heritage.

Genealogist/family Historian

man researching history

One of the most fascinating moonlighting jobs for history majors is that of a genealogist or family historian. As a genealogist, you will research and trace people’s ancestry and create detailed family trees.

This job requires excellent analytical skills, attention to detail, and patience as it can take hours to sift through records in search of information.

As a history major with knowledge about different historical periods and cultures, you have an advantage when it comes to understanding how social norms have changed over time. You can use this knowledge to help your clients understand their ancestors’ lives better.

Genealogy is becoming increasingly popular as more people want to learn about their roots. Therefore there are many opportunities for freelance work in this field if you know where to look!

University Research Assistant in the History Department

man reading book in library

One of the best moonlighting jobs for history majors is working as a university research assistant in the History Department. This job allows you to gain valuable experience in conducting historical research, analyzing data, and writing academic papers.

As a research assistant, you will work closely with professors and graduate students on various projects related to history. You may be asked to conduct literature reviews, collect primary sources from archives or libraries, transcribe interviews or speeches from historical figures or analyze statistical data using software like SPSS.

This job not only provides practical skills but also offers networking opportunities that can lead to future career prospects within academia or other fields related to history such as museums and cultural institutions. Being part of an academic community can help expand your knowledge base beyond what was covered in your undergraduate courses while earning extra income at the same time!

Antique Dealer/collector and Seller

Antique Dealer

One of the most fascinating moonlighting jobs for history majors is becoming an antique dealer/collector and seller. As a history major, you have a natural inclination towards understanding the value and significance of historical artifacts.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by collecting antiques that are in demand and selling them at a profit.

Antique dealing requires extensive research, networking skills, and patience. You need to be able to identify valuable items from junk while also building relationships with other dealers or collectors who may have access to rare pieces.

The best part about being an antique dealer is that it allows you to indulge in your passion for history while earning money on the side. It’s also flexible enough so that you can work around your schedule as needed.

If you’re interested in pursuing this moonlighting job, start by attending local auctions or estate sales where antiques are sold regularly. This will give you an idea of what sells well in your area and help build connections with other dealers or collectors who share similar interests as yours!

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